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Anthony Beyer

Anthony Beyer's head shot.

A dedicated philanthropist and Christian, Anthony Beyer is committed to supporting a range of local and international causes. In his community, Anthony Beyer actively supports the programs affiliated with the New Life Christian Center and New Life Today Ministries. His recent sponsorship has helped the church host a fall festival and reaches out to the local community through a television production. He also helped New Life Today Ministries with an ambitious project to develop an orphanage in Kenya. Information regarding this project can be found online at www.nltministries.com/kenya-missions.php.

Anthony Beyer’s career and experience working in the field of computer programming extends back to the 1980’s. Anthony got his start in the field of computer programming with 8bit computers in assembly/ machine language. He quickly became a leader in his field, responsible for multiple facets of the process including sound effects and even art for various interactive gaming projects. This allowed him to travel to different OEMS locations to develop new video gaming products that were not only innovative but also generates excitement and capturing the interest of clients and consumers alike.

In the late 1990’s, Anthony Beyer created a project that allowed him the opportunity to create game production departments for two startups. These startups were his first position as an executive producer where he led a department of over 30 engineers, artists, and animators. He prides himself on his journey of becoming an executive in software engineering. One of Anthony’s fondest moments in his career was being one of the first engineers to use a PC platform in a casino gaming product.

He also launched a gaming production company where he developed games for the Apple iOS. Anthony took the experience and knowledge he had from the coin-operated and PC games to the mobile phone industry. He credits his family and friends for being the ones who encouraged him to be a bold entrepreneur in the gaming industry.

Beyond the work he has done for his local church and the computer programming industry, Anthony Beyer also holds a strong commitment to supporting organizations such as the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Operation Blessing, the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, and the American Red Cross.

Married and father to a son, Anthony Beyer loves spending his free time with his family and friends. Mason, his son, is an adorable and energetic fun boy who has captured Anthony’s heart. As a husband, he fell in deep love with his best friend. Their goal together in life is to raise a strong, happy and healthy family. Anthony firmly believes that God saw fit that he and his wife would have a wonderful child that will blossom into a strong young man.

In addition to his philanthropic work and family, traveling has become a passion for Anthony and his family over the years. The pristine beaches of the Caribbean islands have made it a gorgeous destination for pure relaxation. Some of his favorite places to travel in the Caribbean are Jamaica and St Lucia. He also enjoys visiting California to keep up his relationships with lifelong friends.

When he has time to travel, he enjoys visiting destinations such as the beaches in New Jersey and the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Mr and Mrs Anthony Beyer
Anthony Beyer and family.